php auto-commenter

Using the php auto-commenter is very simple. Extract the contents of php-auto-commenter.tar.gz. Edit the settings.php file as per your needs. Each one is a php array variable and you have to edit these.

$authors should contain all the names which you want to spin.
$emails should contain all the emails which you want to spin.
$links should contain all the urls which you want backlink for.
$comments should contain all the comments which you want spin and post.

You have to enter the list of blog urls to post comments in newlist.txt. You have to give the file done.txt write(777) permission in case you are running on Linux environment.

Finally you have to setup a cron job to run the file commentor.php everyday or you can run it manually whenever you wish. It will post to all the blogs one by one and log the completed urls in the file done.txt.

You have to remove the completed urls from the file newlist.txt when running the file commentor.php again so that duplicate posts are not made.

Download Script