Wednesday, August 10, 2011

php auto-commenter the scrapebox alternative

Free Scrapebox alternative

Getting more backlinks is very important for Search Engine Optimization. While you can always buy backlinks from other webmasters, the easiest way to get backlinks is to comment on other blogs with your url. However finding blogs in your niche and then commenting is a tedious job and takes a lot of time.
All internet marketers must be knowing about scrapebox, the ultimate blog commenting software which saves a lot of time and really useful for SEO. Apart from blog commenting, it also has several other uses like harvesting urls for your keyword, checking Page Rank, keyword research etc. Scrapebox is an essential tool for every Internet Marketer and SEO professional.
While I personally suggest that everyone should get a copy of thi wonderful software but for those who cannot really afford the price tag of scrapebox, I have developed a php based script which will automatically post comments in wordpress based blogs. This is nowhere as advanced as Scrapebox, but it can save a lot of time and most importantly it is absolutely free.
It has a decent set of features which include:-

a) Randomly using a name from a list of names.
b) Spin-able urls/websites.
c) Spin-able emails.
d) Spin-able comments.
e) Loading bloglist from text file.

All that you have to do is edit two files with bloglists,names,emails etc. and setup a cron job. It doesnot require a database and is fully automated.

Download the php-commenter script here.

Please leave your invaluable feedback so that I can improve the script and develop it into a true scrapebox alternative.

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